Benefits of Infrared

Benefits of Infrared


  • Reduce unscheduled power outages
  • Detect problems quickly, without interrupting service
  • Assess priorities for corrective action
  • Minimize preventative maintenance and troubleshooting time
  • Comply with insurance company requirements
  • Check for defective equipment while still under manufacturer warranty

Infrared technology  is used to inspect and evaluate critical systems buildings manufacturing processes to identify point of failure maintenance concerns and locate area of energy loss.

 All of these things are accomplished by using imagers to detect thermal anomalies by measuring the reflected energy of an object.  Energy losses due to structural leakage, thermal bridging or improper insulation can visibly be detected using infrared technology.  Inspections of electrical and mechanical systems will ensure proper operation and aid in identifying safety concerns which reduce down time, avoid costly repairs or personal injury.  An infrared scan can also quickly identify moisture or water intrusion from leaks or condensation.

  *  Thermography has countless applications:
  *  Flat Roof Surveys
  *  Insulation and Air Infiltration
  *  Building Envelope
  *  Steam
  *  Electrical Distribution
  *  Water Intrusion
  *  Mechanincal Systems
  *  Equine and Veterinary