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 Welcome to Kembek.  Our focus is Energy and Infrared Thermography.

Electrical Systems:

*Inspecting Critical Systems, such as power, heating, and lighting, will keep these services operational, while avoiding downtime and costly repairs.    Locating hot spots and points of failure on Electrical Distribution Systems such as service feeds, sub-stations, transformers and circuit panels, will alert facility managers to necessary repairs.  Wiring, termination and electrical control components in PLC's and automation panels can also be inspected.

Structural / Building Envelope:

*Wasted Energy caused by air infiltration and poor insulation can be detected using infrared.  In this type of scan, missing, compromised and inadequate amounts of insulation are located.  Air Infiltration can be seen on thermal images identifying the problem areas and energy losses.

Water Intrusion:

*Mold and structural issues can be avoided by using thermal imaging to detect Moisture and Water Intrusion.   Infrared surveys on a flat roof can locate water intrusion which causes the roofing material and structure to break down.

About Us:

Our thermographers are Level 1 Certified and trained in Arc Flash NFPA 70E which meets current standards.

After working in the temperature control and building automation industry for over 15 years  I  have  recently branched out into the infrared arena.   Infrared technology  is used to inspect and evaluate critical systems buildings manufacturing processes to identify point of failure maintenance concerns and locate area of energy loss.

 Kembek is a certified Home Energy Auditor by NEHERS and BPI.  We have the tools, training and experience to help our clients and customers achieve their goals.

Contact Kembek at 1-888-Kembek-1 Or 1-888-536-2351

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